Sales Productivity Automation that turns analytics into action

A mobile Smart Assistant for your CRM.

Take the right actions to drive saleswhile others are reading reports.

Mobile productivity that is smart like analytics.

A proactive sales assistant app

Flowtap automatically embeds valuable insights into your daily work. Relevant information is proactively pushed to you when you need it. Critical workflows are triggered automatically for you.

  • Data-driven playbooks to drive results
  • Automation of common sales tasks
  • Predictive early warning system to reduce risks
  • Intelligent deal checklists to improve efficiency

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A sales productivity platform

Flowtap uses data science to give sales managers better insights into deals, forecasts and risks. Sales reps get tools to work with their CRM and other data from anyplace, anywhere. An anticipatory smart assistant provides everyone with the right information to close more deals faster.

  • Anticipate problems, risks and sales actions
  • Proactive sales management with more focus
  • Drive results instead of reading reports
  • Put strategy into action

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For Sales Management & Sales Enablement

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