The problem

Exploding volumes of data make sales harder and more bureaucratic. Customers become more demanding. Selling becomes more complex.

Customer relationship management software (CRM), business intelligence suites and other sales tools don’t help - They just lead to yet more reports, dashboards or Excel sheets people need to handle.

CRM is part of the problem.

CRM software relies on manual data entry and works best for planning and reporting. But today’s increasingly complex sales processes go way beyond CRM databases. CRM can no longer provide sales teams with the insights they need to succeed.

Too much data.

Nowadays, lots of valuable customer data is buried in many different silos: CRM, email, marketing tools, social networks, ERP software, data warehouses and many more. It’s impossible to stay on top of everything that is important.

ROI lags behind.

Billions are invested in enterprise software every year. But user acceptance of these tools is an ever increasing challenge for decision makers and CIOs. Lack of usability takes its toll.

The solution

Flowtap is an App Platform that combines Mobile and Data Analytics to help sales teams get more value from enterprise data to proactively shorten sales cycles.

Flowtap extends existing business applications and increases their value for sales organizations. A streamlined user experience - optimized for mobile - simplifies and accelerates your processes.


Less time with technology.

Flowtap brings together all your business data and organizes everything around your sales processes. Keep working as usual, we’ll let the right information come to you at the right time.

All information at a glance.

Flowtap discovers actionable insights within all your data and proactively gives you a clean basis for decision-making. You decide which steps to take, but Flowtap saves you hours of search, inquiry and analysis.

Shorter sales cycles.

With its unique approach, Flowtap extracts all the value buried in your company data. We enable you handle your customers even better and make every customer contact count.

Less time with technology, more time with customers.